Self Portrait

Jason Statt (They/Them)

Jason Statt is an artist and educator living in Seattle, WA. They are in the process of earning a Master’s in Teaching from Seattle University as they begin their career as a professional painter.

Jason’s work seeks to excite the imagination through evocative scenes. They often utilize augmented images of the natural world and moments in history as conduits for discussing their personal experience with mental health and neurodivergence. Layering these narratives helps to elicit a meaningful experience that many viewers can resonate with even without knowing the whole context. While subject matters vary, within every piece is a story waiting to be uncovered.

Jason strives to create an impactful feeling that stays with the viewer long after engaging with their work. Observers will have a surreal experience while feeling transported to a liminal space between reality and something otherworldly. Captivated by the often-cryptic imagery, the viewer finds lucidity in the elegant dance of colour and light that engulfs the subject.

2022 - Present MIT, Secondary Visual Arts Endorsement, Seattle University
2021 Minor, Visual Arts, Seattle Central College
2017 - 2020 BA, Communication Studies, Western Washington University, Minors, Linguistics, Russian & Eurasian Studies
2022 Small Works Show, Gallery North, Edmonds, WA
2022 42nd Annual Arts of the Terrace, Mountlake Terrace, WA
2023 Small Works Show, Gallery North, Edmonds, WA
2023 43nd Annual Arts of the Terrace, Mountlake Terrace, WA - Honorable Mention Award